Travelling East – Total Luxury

Day One,

We had a wonderful day. The sun shone. We floated over bare dry roads with little traffic, except of course in Montreal. Even there, only a few impatient drivers honked their horns at us. We slipped past the big city like a thief in the night. I wrote a meditation for the paper, worked on my novel, and began the process of learning my story. Tom drove, and drove and drove all the way. We spent last night in Edmunston, New Brunswick at the Quality Suites Inn. We surprised ourselves by arriving at eight o’clock Atlantic time. We had lots of time for a swim, the hot tub, and supper. We might have saved $20 by staying in a smaller place, but our aching stiff limbs were extremely grateful for the pool and the hot tub. We have realized that this is truly a holiday, yes, a working holiday, but a holiday too. Everyone at the hotel, the staff and even the guests in the hot tub were friendly and accommodating. With the sunshine this morning, and the beauty around us, we are reaping the benefits of prayer. Thank you to our friends for wrapping us in prayer for this journey. Today ends with Charlotte, Richard and Lindsay welcoming us in Halifax. The best part of this trip so far is the enjoyment that Tom and I have in each other’s company. This feels like another honeymoon. It’s good to be newly weds after 7 and one half years of marriage. We are truly blessed.

The halfway point

Our week is slipping away quickly. We’ve been welcomed with love here in the Rhode’s beautiful home. Yesterday, we slept in and had a lazy morning. That, of course, is a luxury we both enjoy. On Wednesday, we had picked up a stone chip in our windshield, so Thursday started with a trip to the auto glass place to have it repaired. The second stop was Tattle Tales book store. What a wonderful store. The owner Anne Webby welcomed us with open arms. We made plans with her for Saturday and left her three boxes of books. Back to Bedford we traveled to Bedford United Church. This large suburban church is beautiful. It’s minister David Hart, and I renewed our former connections. Once again we were welcomed with hugs and smiles. We went over plans for Sunday and then came back to Charlotte’s. Tom did all the driving. Charlotte had armed us with a book of maps for Halifax/Dartmouth. Since we did this in the middle of the day, traffic was light. Still Tom was tired when we got back and laid down for a nap while Charlotte and I visited.
Today we have a couple of errands, that’s all. I’ll work again on learning the story of Melchie, the Third Wiseman for Sunday. It’s the longest story in my book, Can I Hold Him, so I want to know it well. Charlotte showed us an article in Atlantic Books Today, by well known children’s author Sherry Fitch, on “Book Signing 101”. She was lamenting the woes for an author of sitting at a table watching people walk by who are avoiding even looking at your books, let alone you. Most people who have sat behind craft tables or at a home show understand that feeling. I’ve decided what happens tomorrow will be God’s gift. At this point we have had such a lovely trip, are enjoying our visit with friends, and met wonderful people. Tomorrow can only be gravy for such a sumptuous meal.
Tom and I are feeling wrapped in your prayers. We head home Sunday, and ask again for prayers of good weather. We offer blessings to all our friends and family back home.

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