On the way home from the East Coast a few weeks ago, we drove into a blinding snow storm. Outside the car windows, the world became a white wall. The road, a broad white sheet with ridges and stripes from the tracks of cars and trucks, offered no white or yellow lines to guide us. For six hours Tom piloted our little Honda Fit among transport trucks, vans and SUV’s, as slush and wind jerked us across the slippery surface. I prayed and tried hard not to give advice.
This was not a time for “back seat driving”, so I talked with God. “I’m trying to trust. I know my friends are praying for us. Is it our time, to leave this world God? My novel isn’t finished yet. Do you have more work for us to do?” Every time I looked up, my fear level rose another notch. Silently I chanted, “I’m trying to trust. I’m trying to trust.” Eventually, we drove through that storm onto bare highway. We survived without an accident and I am truly grateful.
The lesson for me is very clear. Trusting God requires determination. We often think or say, “Let go and let God.” Sounds simple, but it isn’t easy. Faith takes courage. When the going gets tough and life feels out of control, we stand in the shoes of the father who cried out to Jesus, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24) We struggle to hang onto our faith. We want to trust. We seek God’s help. That’s all God asks of us. That prayer will get us through the worst life has to offer.

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