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Nature – Visions of God

When we bought our house here in Peterborough, the deck outside the kitchen had a smaller, narrower space five steps down. Too narrow for a picnic table, it was really just a walkway into the back yard. A few years ago, we put our porch swing on this little deck. The space is barely wide enough, but I like it there.

I hung a flower basket in the corner. We stuck our unused chimenea in the other empty corner by the steps. Flowers now spill out of the fire hole and a potted geranium sits atop the stubby chimney.  A couple of window boxes filled with “Million Bells” hang the deck railing  and a few more flower pots on the floor have transformed this space into my summer writing sanctuary. God’s beauty surrounds me as a I write bringing healing to my body, my heart and my mind.

Rev. Nancy Wilson of Keene United Church in one of her morning reflections, quoted world renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, “Nature is all the body of God we mortals will ever see.”  What could be a better vision of God than the splendor, the beauty, the joy of flowers and all of God’s outdoor world?

As we step into fall, I challenge you to open your eyes and hearts and see the wonder of God all around you. Now, at this moment, there is no better time to soak in God’s loving, beautiful body,. Whether you are walking in the woods, sitting by a lake, at home looking out your window at the birds, know you are being wrapped in God’s arms  by the beauty of creation. You are truly blessed. Thanks be to God.


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