We Did It!!! More Good News.

For the last month, Tom and I have been learning about Youtube and I-movie editor. Our goal was to make a video and upload it to my Youtube channel. The learning curve felt as steep as climbing the Rockies. We did our best to get it done on our own. Once again, we are aware that God didn’t intend us to go it alone. Once again we have learned that reinventing the wheel is a waste of time. But best of all we have succeeded. Thanks to Rev. Nancy Wilson of Keene United Church, who has patiently shared her hard won knowledge with us, and also thanks to our grandson Chris today, we have created a video and uploaded it. I wanted to give everyone a taste of my second novel “To Begin Again”. In this video there is a short introduction followed by my reading the first chapter. Our hope is that this taste will motivate you to order “To Begin Again” either from Amazon or directly from me. Here is the link.

Tonight I created a page on my website for links both to my youtube channel and to other people’s websites with whom I have similar interests. I’m still missing how to put that page in the navigation bar so you can access it. Once again I need help. So I have emailed my web designer to explain that final step. It’s been a long process but God has blessed me with determination and Tom with patience. We’re a great team.

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