We Lead by Example: Intentional or Not.

We Lead By Example Intentional or Not

We had a wonderful time with our two youngest grandchildren, Alex age 5 and Lise age 3, when they were visiting from Vancouver. We went to the Indian River Reptile Zoo, the Fish and Wildlife Centre and the Peterborough Zoo. We played at the parks around the corner. We read books. We had a busy week.

At supper, their last night with us, Tom and I, lost in our sadness around saying good bye, rushed into the meal without giving God thanks as we usually do. About halfway through the meal, Alex said, “We didn’t ask the blessing.”

Feeling guilty I said, “Let’s say it right now. Thank you for the reminder. We joined hands and I gave thanks for the beautiful sunny day, our food, even the food already in our tummies, our family and more. When our meal was nearly over, Alex turned to his parents and asked, “Can we say a blessing when we get home to Vancouver?”

One week, of giving thanks at every meal whether we were picnicking, or gathered round the table, had grabbed Alex’s attention. There must have been something that touched his little heart for he wanted to continue the practice at home.

For me, it had taken courage and persistence to continue our mealtime prayers while our family was with us. We knew it wasn’t part of their meal ritual. There is always the fear that we will offend if we live our faith. Yet we did it, simply and regularly because that is what we do. I’m sure God smiled when Alex asked his questions. I know I did.

We led by example rather than lectures, or intentional teaching. We just continued our lives and our grandson felt God’s touch. I am truly grateful.

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