We’re Home

Yes, we’re home and grateful. We’ve had a grand trip. With the exception of about six hours of driving through a very heavy winter storm from Edmunston,Nova Scotia to Victoriaville, Quebec on the way home we had clear roads. At one point a giant transport truck passed our little car. Maybe he didn’t see us in all the snow but he was certainly hogging about half of our lane. That was the most harrowing moment. Tom is an excellent driver and seems to have nerves of steel when the going gets tough. So we came through just fine. Tonight we’re tired.
The book launch went well. Tattle Tales book store in Dartmouth is a wonderful place. Anne Webby the owner welcomed us and was tremendously accommodating. I met the children who modelled for the illustrations in our new book, A Place Called Home. We sold lots of books. That is always good. Yesterday, I told the story, “Melchie, the Third Wiseman” from my book, Can I Hold Him, at Bedford United Church. I worried that it might be a little long but even the children were captivated to the end. I do love telling my stories. We sold books at the church as well.
We had a grand visit with the Rhodes family. Tonight we are giving thanks for a super journey. Thank you to all who prayed for us. We felt wrapped in prayer the whole way, especially in the snow storm. Tomorrow, I’m telling the title story, Can I Hold Him, at Cambridge Street United Church. Hopefully we’ll sell books there as well. Life is good and I’m glad that mine is busy and full of purpose. Anyway, that’s my report. We’re home, safe,sound and happy.

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