What challenge does the Olympics Give Us?

What Challenge Does the Olympics Give Us?

by Janet Stobie

Enjoy the Support
Enjoy the Support

Like many of you, I enjoyed following the Olympics. The athletes came thrilled to participate. A few had very real hopes of winning a medal. All hoped to surpass their personal best.

It may be just my perception, but this year I felt an increased emphasis on the army of people, parents, coaches, friends, neighbours, and even other competitors that accompanied each athlete throughout the Olympic journey. The videos were fantastic. Gold Medalist Bobsledder Heather Moyse introduced us to her home in Summerside, P.E.I., and the people who shaped her. At times I saw an athlete’s whole village gathered to cheer and share in a job well done. We were treated to a moment of kindness when the Canadian coach in the midst of the race, handed the Russian skier a new ski after his had broken. No one gets to the Olympics as competitor, coach or spectator without the help of others.

That’s an important message for all of us. We need always remember that an army of supporters accompany us on our life’s journey. Stop for a moment, right now, to give thanks for the myriad of folk who have made this day possible for you. People around the world have a part in the clothes you wear, the heat for your home and office. Consider a friend who has called with encouragement or just to say hello, a co-worker who has completed his part of your group’s task, the farmers whose hard work and prayers provide food for your meals. Like our Olympians, the list of people involved in any one of our days is phenomenal.

There is great truth in St. Paul’s words, “If one suffers, we all suffer. If one rejoices we all rejoice together.”(1 Corinthians 12:26) Each night as you crawl into bed give thanks to God for all the people who have brought you a blessing that day.

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