“Where Are the Angels?”

Angels are scattered all over our house, tiny, tall, black and white, hanging from lamps, resting atop my dresser. One Christmas, our granddaughter suggested that we play a game, “Let’s see who can find the most angels at Grandma’s house.”

Angels are a part of the scenic background of our home, so much so that much of the time, we don’t even see them. Great grandson Riley, does. When he was first born, and we laid him on his change pad on our dining room table, his eyes  swivelled to the angel in the sparkling feathery skirt who hangs from the chandelier. She was a gift from that same granddaughter who counts the angels.

I believe that God truly surrounds each one of us with angels. Most of the time we don’t notice them. I remember God sent angels to our church when we were planning a big addition. One family in particular joined us the year before we made the decision to build. Turned out that among many other skills, the Dad knew  about financing such a structure. He wasn’t church treasurer, but he helped us keep track of givings and expenditures for the building project and think about fundraising and more. The mom’s gift of organization was also invaluable. They left two years after the addition was completed. I believe they were angels sent from God with a purpose. I thanked God many times for them and all the others.

When going through my divorce, God surrounded me with angels. The love and support of congregational members carried me through this very dark time. Friends ,even acquaintances appeared in my life, bringing comfort and wisdom. In my mind they were all God’s angels sent to care for me.

I have learned that no matter what comes, joys, challenges or deepest pain, God’s angels will be there. Baby Riley and his parents have been God’s presence with us during Covid 19, our precious angels.

Today I charge you to open your eyes and your hearts to the angels that God is sending you. I assure you, they are there. In fact there may be so many, you will need help in counting them. For sure, we are often so busy, and so used to their presence that they become part of the scenery of our daily lives. Open your eyes and your heart and you will see them. When you do, take time to give God thanks.

“But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.”  (Matthew 13:16)



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  • Laurie Reynolds
    October 17, 2020 - 5:05 am · Reply

    I always enjoyed hearing “The Tongues of Fire ” singing the song There are Angels Among Us” and walking through the congregation and handing out roses. Good memories.

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