Why Make Deposits in Our Faith Accounts?


We never know what gift, skill, bit of information we might need for actual survival at some point in our lives. Midwinter 2009, airline pilot, Captain Chesley Sullenberger, made an emergency landing of his passenger plane with no casualties on New York’s Hudson River. How did he manage this miracle. Captain Sullenberger said, “For 42 years I’d been making small, regular deposits in my life bank of experience, education and training. On that day the balance was sufficient so that I could make a large withdrawal.”

For me, our faith life follows the same pattern. Praying, attending worship, studying our Bible are faith skills. Forgiveness and caring for others prepare us for acceptance and love. These are the life experiences, the training that fill the bank of our minds and hearts with a certain knowledge of God’s presence, strength and comfort.  When the tough times come, and we lose our job, a loved one dies, we move… we draw on that bank.

www.janetstobie.comThe stronger our faith life, the more connected we are to our Christian family, the larger our bank account. God loves us and cares for us all no matter what we do, or how many deposits we make. Still the bottom line is, that a large amount in our faith account, just as the large amount in Captain Sullenbergers pilot account can make the difference between success and failure when we’re called on to do the impossible with God.

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