Will I Get It Right?


God is part of the equation.

Last week a lady picked up my book, “Can I Hold Him?” She held it close for a second and said, “God touched my heart as I heard you tell one of these stories tonight. She bought two copies and handed one to me to sign. “I’ll read this one before I give it away,” she said. I watched her walk away bubbling over with her experience of God’s Spirit.

Too often we think that everything in life depends on us. We tell ourselves, “I’d better get that presentation right or God’s message won’t be heard. I’d better use the right words in that prayer or God won’t hear it. I can’t be a visitor for the church or serve on the board, I’m not good enough, or I don’t know enough.” I’ve heard people also say, “We can’t baptize that child, her parents never darken the door of the church. It will just be an empty ritual.”

Everything does not depend on us. God is our partner. God doesn’t just stand by and watch, waiting for us to make a mistake. God works with us using our efforts, however great or faulty, to bring God’s peace and joy. When God asks us to tell someone about our faith, God doesn’t abandon us to flap around trying to find the “right” words. God uses what we do and say. When we baptize a child, God’s Spirit reaches out and touches that child in a very special way. The belief and commitment of both parents and church family is important but the ritual will never be empty no matter how faulty we are. God acts and the child is blessed.

As you go about your daily tasks, at work, at school, at home remember you’re not alone. God is right beside you bringing forth God’s love and plans from all you do.

Jesus said, “I am with you always…” Matthew 28:20




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