Will Someone Please Volunteer!!!

Will Someone Please Volunteer?

In today’s world finding volunteers is difficult, especially for leadership positions. Groups are closing down because no one will agree to be president or chair or whatever leader is needed.

I’ve had people come to me in tears. “I’ve served as President of our group for twelve years. I’ve learned so much, received so much. Of course, there have been difficulties. I’ve made mistakes. Still, I love it. I’m so glad I took the leap and said yes twelve years ago, and every year since. Now, I’m moving to be closer to family and the group is closing. We don’t have a leader.”

This is a common story today. Why? Our world is afraid of commitment. Yes, we’re busy, but we’ve always been busy. We’ve seldom known how to do “the job.” We’ve never known what tomorrow will bring. We’re afraid, and Covid has increased our fear. It feels as if we can’t depend on anything. We make plans and can’t carry them out. And now we have technology. Zoom and similar programs frighten most of us. Being on zoom is one thing. Hosting and setting up are mysteries most of us fear to solve.

Fear governs so many of our decisions today. The Bible tells us that fear is nothing new. But we also can read of God’s assurance that there are two parts to each commitment – our agreement to do the task, and God’s promise to be with us. Abraham, Isaiah, Mary and many more all needed God’s promise to equip them and walk with them.  All three said, “Yes,” and God equipped them. Many times, Jesus said, “Do not be afraid.” The last time, Jesus added his assurance, “I will be with you always.”

In my own life, I have lived this leap of faith. Unlike many others, writing books was not my dream. In high school, a teacher told me that my writing style was too simple to deserve an “A” grade. Years later, God called me to Ministry which required writing, and later, to writing as my latest career. God equipped me for the task. Today, my tenth book, “Rajah Finds His Wisdom: Using Our Differences Wisely” is being printed. Shipment is planned for Oct. 13. I’ve already written two children’s books focusing on choosing to do God’s will, “Spectacular Stella” and “Elizabeth Gets Her Wings”. With each sermon and each book, I have had to trust in God. I do my part with careful preparation and lots of prayer. God does God’s part. Our vision, both God’s and mine, becomes reality.

When you become aware of a leadership position that needs you, think about Mary and the angel. “With God, all things are possible.” You can say, “Yes,” because you are not alone. God has chosen you for this task. God will equip you for what is required. Take the leap of faith. Even though you may make mistakes, even have difficulties, you will not regret your commitment. Thank God for being with you.


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