Winter’s Last Gasp!

In Peterborough this morning, we woke to blowing snow, the ground once again wrapped in its wintry blanket. My mind went to my daughter and granddaughter on the highway to York University in Toronto, to her last hockey games of the season. I am grateful they have snow tires on the car and Connie has lots of experience with winter driving. I sent them a text. Take your time, I’m praying for you.

We thought spring had arrived. Although it’s been chilly, especially at night, the rains were waking up the world. The grass, once again, was gaining the green of new life. And now, this. I don’t want it. I trust it won’t last long.

I’ve been thinking about our world today. Up until last year, it felt as if our world had finally started on a journey toward peace and love. Oh yes, the war was producing refugees by the millions, but as human beings we were finally responding with love. Violence and hunger still prevailed, yet the world seemed to care. More people were sharing. It seemed as if the green of new life was finally springing forth in our troubled world.

And then fear began to rear its ugly head. We see isolationism and prejudice becoming national policy in some western countries. Is this fear’s last gasp in God’s beautiful world? God has given us the skills we need to teach love and harmony. We have experienced the joy of caring for one another. As Easter approaches we are reminded that nothing, not the worst we can do as human beings, can defeat God’s drive for new life.

This morning I am praying that we can open our hearts to God’s guidance so that we won’t hide our light under a bushel. God grant us the courage and the wisdom to use what we have learned on this journey towards peace. We have the skills. We can do it. God’s new life will not be defeated. Peace will come to our world.

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