Wow! This Is Special!

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My posts are usually reflections on my life in relation to scripture. The last two were more about me as a writer. And now I have one more about me.

This time as a person, a writer and most of all a United Church Minister. I received my Masters of Divinity from Emmanuel college, University of Toronto in 1989. On this coming May 6th, just a few weeks from now, I will receive a Service Award from Emmanuel. My understanding is that this award is for my contribution in one area of ministry that has been helpful/useful to the church and the world. Of course, it’s for my writing and I am thrilled.

This morning I talked with Jenn and Marsha from the alumni office. Tom and I get to attend all of the alumni day, including lunch, workshops and dinner at no cost to us. That alone is a lovely gift, especially in today’s world. Jenn asked for contact info for my family. They will receive an invitation. Also, I can invite my colleagues from Emmanuel and Queen’s to come as well. So please register and come, you’ll have a grand day. Maybe some of you have already registered. After all alumni day is always great.

What a wonderful honour for me. I am truly grateful.
By phone: 416-585-4500 or 1-888-262-9775



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