You Are Magnificent

You Are Magnificent

Last week one wonderful child named Quinn came forward at Coe Hill for the time set apart for children and those who have retained the child within. She was visiting at her grandma and grandpa’s so they brought her to church. Together we looked at my book, Rajah Finds His Wisdom.

On the first page the king says to the little African elephant,  “I name you Rajah. One day you will be magnificent.”

I said to Quinn, “Magnificent is a big word. Why would the King think little Rajah would be magnificent?”

She smiled and answered, “He’s the king. He’s supposed to  know everything.”

“Right,” I said. “All of us would like kings, leaders, the people in charge to know everything.”

When I wrote this book I chose the word magnificent instead of king because it said more than king. It spoke to the wonder, the joy, the gifts that God offers to everyone, not just a king, not just the people in charge. In the book, Rajah becomes king of the herd. He is the biggest and strongest. He has the most power. He still isn’t magnificent. He has no friends. It’s only when he learns to use his gifts to love and care for others rather than to bully others, that he becomes magnificent. He has found his wisdom.

Whether or not we feel we have power, when we use our God given gifts to help, care for, love others we all become magnificent in our own way.

St. Paul in the Bible tells us God’s Spirit has given us all different gifts to be used for the good of all.” When we use them we bring joy to others. He reminds us that when one human being suffers, we all suffer. When one rejoices we all can celebrate. The message that Rajah brings to readers is that when we contribute to other’s rejoicing we become magnificent. We need to remember always that God has blessed each and everyone of us. We are all God’s beloved children. When we discover how to share those blessings with love, we become wise. In this world we become magnificent.

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